Food for Preventing Wrinkles

Today talk you about Food for Preventing Wrinkles. Wrinkles usually occur due to aging. Entering the age of 30, wrinkles around the eyes and face begin to appear, although not very visible. Wrinkles occur not only due to aging but also could be due to dietary factors. Lack of good nutrition from food or drink in the body.

Foods that can help you prevent wrinkles include:


One was to help reduce wrinkles. Vitamin C content was very high; 100 g of papaya fruit contains 78mg of vitamin C, which can help rejuvenate the skin and prevent dryness.


Strawberries also contain vitamin C, which is quite a lot, besides antioxidant content, to keep the skin from free radicals. Vitamin C is quite familiar to the skin, a natural nutrient that helps maintain collagen. Vitamin C also keeps the skin from direct sunlight attack. One hundred grams of strawberries contains 60 mg of vitamin C.


Walnuts and other nuts contain vitamin E, essential indispensable skin. To melembabakan and also rejuvenate your skin.


The content of magnesium and vitamin B in wheat meant skin regeneration. Replacing the dead skin cells with new skin cells.

Vegetables and Fruit

Almost all fruits and vegetables have excellent benefits for the skin. Because it is a good source of vitamins and fiber for the skin, digestion will also work well so that no toxins remain in the body.

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